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The VerifyNow System: The Technology of Choice

The VerifyNow System provides you with an easy, rapid and proven solution to assess your patient’s platelet reactivity to antiplatelet medications such as aspirin, clopidogrel, and GP IIb/IIIa inhibitors.

The VerifyNow System:

  • Helps assess patient’s platelet reactivity
  • Provides results in less than 10 minutes*
  • Clinically validated in numerous peer-reviewed studies
  • Minimal hands-on time
  • Requires no pipetting or sample preparation, reducing the risk of pre-analytical error
  • Replaces more cumbersome and time consuming methods
  • Is reimbursable through CPT and ICD-9 codes

* additional sample incubation required, varies by test

For more information about the VerifyNow Tests, please visit the pages above.

Unsurpassed Innovation in Technology

The VerifyNow System measures platelet reactivity by the rate and extent of light changes in whole blood as platelets aggregate over time in response to agonists that are specific to various antiplatelet medications. Within the test device wells, the instrument measures the increase in light transmittance over time. A patient’s blood sample that exhibits inhibited platelet function produces low light transmittance; whereas a sample with normal platelet function produces high light transmittance. This measurement is based on the principles of optical aggregometry and has been shown to correlate well to that method.

Today, approximately half of the top 50 U.S. heart hospitals utilize the rapid and easy-to-use VerifyNow System to provide physicians with reliable information to help them understand their patients’ platelet reactivity.1

Proven in over 250 clinical publications2, the Accumetrics VerifyNow System, provides rapid and reliable patient information to physicians who need it right away.

Platelet Function Test, Plavix Resistance, Stent Thrombosis, Clopidogrel Resistance

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